Discovering the AJ Fernandez New World Almirante Cigar

Discovering the AJ Fernandez New World Almirante Cigar

Cigar enthusiasts around the globe recognize AJ Fernandez as a master blender whose creations have set new standards in the industry. His latest offering, the New World Almirante, is no exception. With a blend that promises a rich and nuanced smoking experience, the New World Almirante is poised to become a staple in many aficionados' humidors. In this blog post, we explore what makes this cigar special and why it deserves your attention.

The Genesis of New World Almirante

The New World series by AJ Fernandez is a tribute to the discovery of tobacco by the explorers of the New World. The Almirante, meaning "Admiral" in Spanish, continues this legacy with a blend that reflects the richness and diversity of the Americas. AJ Fernandez's meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality are evident in every aspect of this cigar.

Construction and Appearance

The New World Almirante is a beautifully constructed cigar. It features a dark and oily wrapper that exudes a sense of luxury. The wrapper, sourced from the fertile regions of Nicaragua, is smooth with minimal veins, indicative of expert craftsmanship. The cigar is firmly packed, ensuring an even burn and a consistent draw, which are essential for a premium smoking experience.

Flavor Profile

The New World Almirante offers a complex and evolving flavor profile that keeps the smoker engaged from start to finish. Here’s a breakdown of the experience:

  • First Third: The journey begins with a burst of rich cocoa and espresso, accompanied by a subtle spice. The smoke is creamy, coating the palate with a smooth, velvety texture.

  • Second Third: As the cigar progresses, the flavors deepen and become more complex. Notes of leather, dark chocolate, and roasted nuts emerge, balanced by a gentle sweetness. The spice remains in the background, adding an intriguing layer to the profile.

  • Final Third: The final third is a crescendo of flavors. The richness intensifies, with earthy undertones and a hint of dried fruit. The cigar finishes strong, leaving a lasting impression on the palate.

Aging Potential

The New World Almirante is crafted with aged tobaccos, ensuring it delivers a rich and mature flavor right out of the box. However, like many of AJ Fernandez's creations, it also has excellent aging potential. Storing these cigars in your humidor for a few years will allow the flavors to meld and mature, resulting in an even more refined smoking experience.

Pairing Recommendations

To fully appreciate the complexity of the New World Almirante, consider pairing it with beverages that complement its rich flavors:

  • Bourbon: The caramel and vanilla notes of a good bourbon enhance the cigar's cocoa and spice elements.
  • Aged Rum: The sweetness and depth of an aged rum complement the cigar’s chocolate and nutty flavors.
  • Port Wine: The rich, fruity character of a fine port wine pairs beautifully with the Almirante's complex profile.

Final Thoughts

The AJ Fernandez New World Almirante is more than just a cigar; it's an experience. From its impeccable construction to its rich and evolving flavor profile, this cigar embodies the best of what the New World series has to offer. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer to the world of premium cigars, the New World Almirante is a must-try. Add it to your collection and savor the craftsmanship and passion that AJ Fernandez brings to each of his creations.

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