Drew Estate ACID Kuba Kuba

Drew Estate ACID Kuba Kuba

Discover the Exotic Charm of Drew Estate ACID Kuba Kuba

For those who seek a cigar that defies tradition and embraces a world of vibrant flavors, look no further than the Drew Estate ACID Kuba Kuba. This iconic cigar, renowned for its unique infusion process and distinctive taste, has captivated enthusiasts since its introduction. Join us as we explore the allure of the ACID Kuba Kuba, delving into its rich flavors, innovative craftsmanship, and the unforgettable experience it offers.

The ACID Revolution

The ACID line by Drew Estate is a pioneer in the world of infused cigars. Blending traditional cigar-making techniques with a modern twist, ACID cigars are infused with a variety of botanicals, essential oils, and herbs, creating an unparalleled sensory journey. The Kuba Kuba, one of the most popular cigars in the ACID line, stands out for its bold flavors and aromatic complexity.

Unwrapping the ACID Kuba Kuba

The ACID Kuba Kuba features a premium Sumatra wrapper that encases a blend of Nicaraguan fillers. This combination results in a medium-bodied cigar that is as visually appealing as it is flavorful. The infusion process, a closely guarded secret, imparts a unique bouquet of flavors that sets this cigar apart from any other.

Tasting Notes:

  1. First Third:

    • Flavor Profile: The initial draw greets you with a burst of sweetness, accompanied by notes of floral and herbal undertones. There’s a subtle hint of spice that adds a delightful complexity to the flavor profile.
    • Aroma: The aroma is a captivating blend of sweet botanicals, fresh herbs, and a touch of vanilla, creating an inviting and exotic olfactory experience.
  2. Second Third:

    • Flavor Profile: As you transition into the second third, the flavors deepen and evolve. The sweetness mellows, giving way to richer notes of cedar and leather. The herbal infusion remains prominent, providing a refreshing and balanced taste.
    • Aroma: The aroma in this stage is a harmonious mix of woodsy scents and floral sweetness, enhancing the overall experience.
  3. Final Third:

    • Flavor Profile: The final third brings a crescendo of flavors. The cedar and leather notes become more pronounced, complemented by a hint of cocoa and a lingering spiciness. The herbal undertones persist, adding a refreshing twist to the finish.
    • Aroma: The aroma in the final third is robust and full-bodied, with warm, toasty scents that round out the aromatic experience.

The ACID Kuba Kuba Experience

Smoking the ACID Kuba Kuba is more than just enjoying a cigar; it’s an adventure into a world of exotic flavors and innovative craftsmanship. Each puff offers a new discovery, thanks to the intricate infusion process that makes ACID cigars so unique. The Kuba Kuba’s medium-bodied profile makes it accessible to both seasoned aficionados and newcomers looking for a memorable smoking experience.

Pairing ACID Kuba Kuba

To fully appreciate the complexity of the ACID Kuba Kuba, consider pairing it with:

  • Spiced Rum: The warm, spicy notes of a quality rum complement the cigar’s sweet and herbal flavors, creating a harmonious and indulgent pairing.
  • Café Mocha: The rich, chocolatey taste of a café mocha enhances the cigar’s cocoa and leather notes, providing a delightful balance of flavors.
  • Sweet White Wine: A sweet white wine, such as Moscato, pairs beautifully with the cigar’s floral and herbal infusion, offering a refreshing and elegant combination.


The Drew Estate ACID Kuba Kuba is a celebration of innovation and flavor, offering a unique smoking experience that defies convention. Whether you’re a long-time ACID fan or new to the world of infused cigars, the Kuba Kuba promises an unforgettable journey through a vibrant tapestry of tastes and aromas. So, light up, relax, and let the exotic charm of the ACID Kuba Kuba transport you to a world of sensory delight.

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