Exploring the Sophistication of Alec Bradley Tempus Natural Cigar

Exploring the Sophistication of Alec Bradley Tempus Natural Cigar

When it comes to premium cigars, Alec Bradley stands out as a brand synonymous with quality and innovation. One of their most celebrated lines is the Tempus series, and the Tempus Natural is a shining example of their commitment to excellence. In this blog post, we delve into the intricacies of the Alec Bradley Tempus Natural cigar and why it deserves a place in your humidor.

The Origin of Tempus Natural

The name "Tempus" is Latin for "time," reflecting the meticulous care and patience that go into crafting each cigar in this series. The Tempus Natural was introduced in 2008, and it quickly gained a reputation for its rich flavors and exceptional construction. Made with some of the finest aged tobaccos, this cigar is a testament to Alec Bradley’s dedication to the art of cigar making.

Construction and Appearance

The Alec Bradley Tempus Natural is a beautifully crafted cigar. It features a dark and oily Honduran Criollo ’98 wrapper, which gives it an elegant and inviting appearance. The binder and filler are a blend of aged tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua, contributing to the cigar’s complex flavor profile. The construction is impeccable, with a firm roll and a smooth, slightly toothy texture. The cigar has a solid feel, indicating a well-packed bunch of leaves that promises an even burn and a consistent draw.

Flavor Profile

The Tempus Natural offers a rich and layered smoking experience. Here’s a breakdown of its flavor profile:

  • First Third: Upon lighting, the Tempus Natural reveals a bold start with notes of cedar, leather, and a touch of black pepper. The smoke is thick and creamy, coating the palate with a pleasing, velvety texture.

  • Second Third: As the cigar progresses, the initial spice mellows, giving way to flavors of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and a hint of nutmeg. The transition is smooth, and the flavors become more pronounced, creating a well-balanced and enjoyable smoking experience.

  • Final Third: The final third is a crescendo of flavors, with the earthiness and leather notes becoming more prominent. There’s a subtle sweetness that lingers, complemented by a warm, toasty finish. The complexity of the cigar continues to evolve, keeping the smoker engaged until the very end.

Aging Potential

The Tempus Natural is crafted with aged tobaccos, ensuring it delivers a rich and mature flavor right from the start. However, these cigars also have excellent aging potential. Storing them in your humidor for a few years will allow the flavors to meld and develop further, resulting in an even more refined and nuanced smoking experience.

Pairing Recommendations

To fully appreciate the complexity of the Tempus Natural, consider pairing it with beverages that complement its rich flavors:

  • Single Malt Scotch: The smoky, peaty notes of a good single malt can enhance the cigar's earthy and spicy elements.
  • Aged Rum: The sweetness and depth of an aged rum can highlight the cigar’s chocolate and coffee notes.
  • Espresso: The bold and intense flavors of espresso can match the richness of the cigar, creating a harmonious pairing.

Final Thoughts

The Alec Bradley Tempus Natural is more than just a cigar; it's a sophisticated experience. With its rich and evolving flavor profile, impeccable construction, and excellent aging potential, this cigar is sure to please both seasoned aficionados and newcomers alike. Whether you're looking to add to your collection or seeking a new favorite, the Tempus Natural is a must-try. Indulge in the craftsmanship and passion that Alec Bradley brings to each of his creations and savor the unique experience that the Tempus Natural offers.

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