Unveiling The Faces Behind The Cigar Bank: Meet Our Event Coordinator!

Unveiling The Faces Behind The Cigar Bank: Meet Our Event Coordinator!

Ra'Mya Terry

Event Coordinator / Cigar Sommelier Tobacconist

Professional Bio

Ra'Mya Terry, also known as Myatecristo, is a seasoned professional in the world of cigars, and events. Currently serving as the Event Coordinator and Cigar Sommelier Tobacconist at Cigar Bank McDonough, Ra'Mya is at the forefront of orchestrating and overseeing a myriad of events, both internal and in collaboration with esteemed partners.

With a passion for curating memorable experiences, Ra'Mya's expertise extends beyond event coordination. As the adept manager of social media for Cigar Bank, she ensures that the brand's online presence is as engaging as the events she organizes.

Under her personal LLC, Myatecristo, Ra'Mya takes her skills to the next level. Specializing in hosting, private parties, and cigar-related events, she has carved a niche for herself in creating bespoke and sophisticated gatherings. Ra'Mya earned her Certified Cigar Sommelier accreditation through Tobacconist University, solidifying her knowledge and understanding of the intricate world of cigars.

A true connoisseur, Ra'Mya's forte lies in the art of pairing cigars, spirits, and food. Her refined palate and attention to detail make her a sought-after expert in creating harmonious and delightful sensory experiences.

With a blend of professionalism, creativity, and a wealth of knowledge, Ra'Mya Terry is a driving force in the realm of cigars and events, leaving an indelible mark on every occasion she touches.


Fun Facts or Hobbies:

  • I ran Track & Field in High School and AAU Track and Field.
  • Specialize in pairing cigars with spirits and food.
  • I'm a part of Gracefully Choosen Bookclub.
  • I love to travel.


Education Background & Achievements

Certified Cigar Sommelier Tobacconist - CCST - Tobacconist University


Roles & Responsibilities:

Ra'Mya Terry is the mastermind behind meticulously planned events at The Cigar Bank, orchestrating an exquisite symphony of cigars and ambiance. Beyond her role as an event planner, she troubleshoots on-site with poise. In the realm of The Cigar Bank, Ra'Mya stands as the orchestrator of enchanting experiences, showcasing creativity, collaboration, and meticulous execution.


As the guardian of exquisite experiences at The Cigar Bank, Ra'Mya takes on the duties of a Cigar Sommelier, ensuring every customer is treated as a connoisseur on a journey of flavor and education. Greetings are more than smiles—they exude the warmth of hospitality. Ra'Mya goes beyond transactions, building connections with customers, tailoring each visit to their preferences. Her expertise shines as she becomes the beacon of knowledge, guiding customers through the nuances of cigar selection.



Ra'Mya Customer Testimonials:
 "My experience at The Cigar Bank was amazing! Everyone was very friendly, and the ambiance was amazing! Huge shout out to Ra'Mya for giving us such a welcoming experience!"

● "...If you have never been to a pairing event hosted by @myatecristo, sadly you're missing out!"

● "Ra'Mya was very patient with all of our questions and even went into detail. She made sure we felt comfortable and was very attentive to the entire room."


Contact Information:

Ra'Mya Terry

ra'mya@thecigarbank.com | contact@mytecristo.com

LinkedIn: Ra'Mya Terry

Instagram: @myatecristo

Facebook: Myatecristo

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