Unveiling The Faces Behind The Cigar Bank: Meet Our General Manager!

Unveiling The Faces Behind The Cigar Bank: Meet Our General Manager!

Miguel Acosta

General Manager / Cigar Sommelier Tobacconist

Professional Bio

Miguel Acosta is a seasoned professional, serving as both a General
Manager and Cigar Sommelier. With a wealth of experience in hospitality and a
passion for curating exceptional cigar experiences, Miguel has established himself as a
connoisseur in the industry. His leadership skills and dedication to delivering
unparalleled service have contributed to the success of various establishments under
his guidance. Miguel’s expertise extends beyond traditional management, as he brings
a refined understanding of cigars, ensuring patrons enjoy an elevated and memorable
experience. With a commitment to excellence and a flair for creating sophisticated
atmospheres, Miguel Acosta continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of
hospitality and cigar appreciation.

Fun Facts or Hobbies:

  • My parents are from the Dominican Republic, and I was born and raised in New York City.
  • I am also an ordained minister.
  • I love to cook and try out new recipes. (Instagram @chef_migz_nyc)

Education Background & Achievements

Associate of Occupational Studies in Business Administration

Certified Cigar Sommelier Tobacconist - CCST - Tobacconist University

Roles & Responsibilities:

Adeptly fulfilling the role of engaging General Manager and Cigar Sommelier Tobacconist at The Cigar Bank. His duties encompass warmly greeting and interacting with customers, consulting to discern their needs, and expertly demonstrating merchandise tailored to individual preferences. With a knack for answering customer queries and facilitating purchase decisions, Miguel seamlessly navigates the sales process. His role extends to retrieving merchandise, processing payments through the store’s point of sale system, and handling returns and exchanges with precision. Miguel’s confident, loyal, creative, and friendly characteristics shine through in every aspect of his customer-centric approach. His commitment to excellence and personalized service elevates both the retail and cigar appreciation experience for patrons.

Miguel Customer Testimonials:
● “The employees at The Cigar Bank are true aficionados. Miguel recommendations were
spot-on, and his willingness to share insights added an educational aspect to my visit.”
● “The staff at The Cigar Bank provided an exceptional experience. Miguel's knowledge of
cigars and friendly service made my visit memorable. I’ll definitely be coming back.”
● I had a fantastic time at The Cigar Bank, thanks to the helpful and friendly staff. Also shout out to Miguel the GM, his commitment to customer satisfaction sets this place apart. Highly recommended!”

Contact Information:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguel-acosta-b0a18229autm_source=share&utm_campaign=share_via&utm_content=profile&utm_medium=android_app

Instgram: https://instagram.com/migzcigars?igshid=NzZlODBkYWE4Ng==

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migzcigars?mibextid=2JQ9oc

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