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Bench Mark

BenchMark Humidors

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Elevate Your Cigar Experience with the Benchmark Portable Humidor

Envision a sanctuary for your cherished cigars, cradled in the warm embrace of wood – a timeless companion on your journey of leisure. The Benchmark Portable Humidor stands as a masterpiece of ergonomic design, adorned with meticulously chosen veneers that gracefully envelop a cross-banded birch body. The exterior is a testament to craftsmanship, boasting a natural hand-rubbed finish that is not only food-grade and water-resistant but also incredibly smooth and non-toxic.

Key Features:

Exquisite Veneers: Each Benchmark Portable Humidor is a canvas of beauty, where curated veneers are thoughtfully juxtaposed over a cross-banded birch foundation. The meticulous selection and fusion of veneers enhance its aesthetic allure.

Fine-Figured Veneers: Our veneers stand out, being twice the thickness of ordinary veneers, ensuring lasting quality. Matching the grains for each side of the humidor exemplifies our dedication to detail.

Interior Haven: Inside the Benchmark, your cigars find their haven beside 100% Spanish cedar that graces all contact surfaces, including the lid. It closes with a satisfying assurance, ensuring the ideal relative humidity (RH) for your cigars.

Thoughtful Capacity: The interior boasts a depth of 6 1/4”, accommodating four cigars with a 54 ring gauge, or three cigars with a 60 ring gauge.

Boveda Partnership: Our special collaboration with Boveda underscores our commitment to quality. Boveda's RH-controlling products, seamlessly integrated into our humidor design, ensure your cigars' optimal conditions. The Benchmark arrives prepared for use, accompanied by two (8g) 75% Boveda packs for seasoning and two (8g) 72% packs for consistent RH maintenance. Simply slide a pack out of its sealed bag, place it in your humidor, and add your cigars.

Whether transitioning from a local cigar lounge or stepping away from your desktop humidor, the Benchmark Portable Humidor embodies the ultimate choice for keeping a few treasured sticks by your side while on the move. Elevate every moment of cigar enjoyment with this impeccable travel companion!


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