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Meir & Dutch Napoleon no.II Humidor

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Elevate Your Humidor Experience: The Napoleon II Sets a New Standard

While the Napoleon humidor is impressive in its own right, the Napoleon II takes sophistication and functionality to a whole new dimension. Prepare to be amazed by this pinnacle of storage excellence, designed to cater to the needs of true aficionados.

Key Highlights:

Spacious Storage: The Napoleon II boasts the capacity to securely house up to 150 cigars, making it a true treasure trove for cigar enthusiasts. Its 3-drawer design, coupled with the exquisite inlay display-top, enhances the aesthetic of your smoker's den.

Loaded with Features: Equipped with essential features, the Napoleon II comes complete with a humidifier to maintain your cigars' optimal conditions. The external hygrometer ensures accurate humidity monitoring, while side handles provide convenience in handling.

Spanish Cedar Elegance: Immerse your cigars in luxury with the fully Spanish cedar-lined interior. This premium wood, combined with the deep and rich finish, elevates the humidor's aesthetics and functionality.

Upgrade to Excellence: For those seeking to upgrade from a 40-capacity box, the Napoleon II stands as the ideal choice. Its enhanced storage and carefully designed features provide the perfect step-up for aficionados looking to enrich their cigar storage experience.

Indulge in the ultimate humidor upgrade with the Napoleon II. Its spacious capacity, thoughtful features, and refined Spanish cedar construction are a testament to craftsmanship and dedication. Elevate your cigar enjoyment to new heights with this exceptional humidor.


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