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Luca Cabinet Humidor

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Venturing into uncharted territory, the Luca humidor cabinet seamlessly merges groundbreaking Klaro features with the elegance of a cabinet-style design, resulting in an exquisite blend of sophistication and practicality. Adorned with a sleek black ash wood exterior and embellished with gold-plated hardware, this creation is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

Key Features:

Sleek Yet Functional Design: The Luca humidor cabinet marks a significant stride by integrating Klaro's innovative elements into a cabinet-style configuration. The black ash wood exterior is paired with opulent gold-plated hardware, culminating in a masterpiece of form and function.

Customizable Storage: Three removable cigar drawers, featuring our distinctive PEG system, provide the freedom to arrange and stack your cigars as per your preferences. The embedded 180-degree hinges ensure effortless access to the drawers without compromising the door's integrity.

Enhanced Hydro Tray Access: Streamlined access to your Hydro Tray is facilitated by a separate storage tray, simplifying the process of humidification refills.

Accessory Drawer Innovation: Store your torch lighters, cutters, and other cigar essentials in our felt-lined accessory drawer – an unprecedented innovation in humidor cabinet design.

Klaro Signature Elements:

Thick Spanish Cedar Inlay: Experience the opulence of thick Spanish cedar inlay, synonymous with Klaro humidors, preserving your cigars in unparalleled condition.

Built-In Digital Hygrometer: A gasket-sealed, built-in digital hygrometer ensures precision humidity monitoring for optimal cigar preservation.

Revolutionary Hydro System: Embark on a new era of humidification with our patent-pending Hydro System, a revolutionary feature included with every humidor. This system arrives with two bottles of our specially formulated Humidor Solution, designed to impeccably season your humidor.

The Luca humidor cabinet represents a remarkable leap forward for Klaro, embodying our commitment to innovation and quality. Designed for the true cigar aficionado, this cabinet-style humidor epitomizes a comprehensive humidor setup, allowing you to expand your cigar collection with absolute confidence.


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