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Octodor Glass Top Humidor

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Effortless Precision: Elevate Your Cigar Experience

Experience the pinnacle of accurate and low-maintenance cigar humidification with our luxurious humidor. Designed to simplify maintenance, this remarkable humidor boasts an eye-catching octagon profile and sleek black piano glass finish.

Key Features:

Sleek Aesthetic: The striking octagon profile, complemented by a sleek black piano glass finish, exudes elegance, making this humidor a true statement piece.

Digital Hygrometer: The front screen digital hygrometer ensures precise humidity monitoring, keeping your cigars in optimal condition at all times.

Convenient Storage: An accessory storage drawer offers a dedicated space for your cigar essentials, ensuring they're always within reach.

Spanish Cedar Elegance: Enjoy the richness of extra Spanish cedar within the humidor, further enhancing the preservation of your cigars' quality and flavor.

Air-Tight Seal: The air-tight magnetic enclosure guarantees an airtight seal, securing your cigars' environment for consistent humidity levels.

Revolutionary Hydro System: Experience the patented Hydro System, inclusive of two types of humidor solution bottles. These essential tools assist you in seamlessly seasoning your humidor for prime cigar storage.

Elevate your cigar experience with our meticulously designed humidor, where aesthetics meet functionality and precise humidity control. Indulge in the luxury of preserving your cigars in the optimal environment they deserve


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