La Aurora Treasure Box

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A living testament to loyalty and uncompromising quality, La Aurora stands as the Dominican Republic's oldest brand, bearing a rich heritage that stretches back to 1903. Evolving through time, the blend has been meticulously refined into a cigar that resonates with modern smokers while echoing the sentiments of enthusiasts from yesteryears. Rooted in the fertile Cibao valleys for nearly four generations, the La Aurora factory, under the stewardship of Guillermo Leon, stands tall as a Dominican treasure. It produces some of the world's most exquisite cigars, with the Preferidos line being the pinnacle of excellence.

Key Highlights:

Crafted to Perfection: Hand-crafted with finesse, the Preferidos cigars are masterfully rolled into exquisite perfecto shapes that epitomize the artistry of cigar making.

Elegantly Packaged: Adorned in shimmering metal tubes, the Preferidos cigars are elegantly packaged, setting a prelude to the experience that awaits within.

Variety of Excellence: The sampler showcases the full spectrum of La Aurora's expertise, featuring a range of selections that cater to diverse palates and preferences.

Sampler Includes:

  • 1 La Aurora Preferidos Emerald Tubo - Sun Grown
  • 1 La Aurora Preferidos Gold Tubo - Corojo
  • 1 La Aurora Preferidos Ruby Tubo - Maduro
  • 1 La Aurora Preferidos Sapphire Tubo - Connecticut
  • 1 La Aurora Preferidos Platinum Tubos - Cameroon
  • 1 La Aurora Preferidos Black Tubos - Broadleaf

As a gift or an indulgent treat for special occasions, the La Aurora Preferidos Sampler embodies distinction and quality that appeals to the discerning smoker. Each tube contains a piece of La Aurora's legacy, encapsulating the dedication, craftsmanship, and taste that have defined this esteemed brand for over a century.