Klaro Regular Kit

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Introducing the Ultimate Cigar Accessory Set: Elevate Your Experience!

This exquisite package includes an elegant and dependable torch lighter, complemented by a matching double guillotine stainless steel cutter. Additionally, it features a semi-hard shell travel case, thoughtfully designed to be lightweight and low-profile – an optimal solution for safeguarding your cigars on the move. This meticulously crafted set is purpose-built to seamlessly fit within the bottom drawer of any of our Klaro humidors, promising both convenience and sophistication.


Cigar Cutter: Meticulously fashioned from stainless steel, this cutter exudes durability and craftsmanship, providing a palpable sense of quality as you expertly prepare your cigar.

2-Cigar Travel Case: Ideal for your spontaneous getaways, this case comfortably accommodates a pair of cigars, ensuring you're always prepared for a moment of relaxation.

Stainless Lighter: Embrace simplicity and refinement with our stainless steel 2-torch lighter. (Please note: Butane fuel is sold separately due to international shipping regulations.)

Gift-Ready Packaging: Your cigar enjoyment deserves the best presentation. This accessory kit arrives meticulously packed in a beautiful, gift-ready box and sleeve. It's a thoughtful choice for effortless and stylish gifting.

Important Note: Due to international shipping regulations, the lighter cannot be shipped with fluid. We recommend purchasing butane fuel alongside this kit to complete your experience.

Discover a new level of cigar appreciation with this all-inclusive accessory kit. Elevate your smoking ritual and savor each moment with the sophistication and convenience this set provides.