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Jet Line Cutter

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When dealing with substantial cigars, you need a cutter that matches their scale – enter the JetLine Big Daddy 70 Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter. It stands as the ultimate companion for your daily cigar needs, particularly when faced with those large-format cigars.

Much like you, this cutter is up to the challenge, irrespective of the cigar's size. Whether it's a small smoke or a robust 70 Ring gauge vitola, the JetLine Big Daddy is equipped to handle the task. Crafted from durable, heavy-duty plastic, it boasts sharp, sleek twin blades in a stealthy black hue. Its design is grounded in a "get it done" attitude, ensuring that you always achieve a precise, clean cut.

In terms of dimensions, this cutter stands at 42mm tall and spans 94mm wide. With the JetLine Big Daddy by your side, you can confidently approach any cigar with the knowledge that a perfect cut is just a snip away.


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