Rubber Coated Guillotine

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Experience the pinnacle of quality and precision with our Smooth Action Rubber Coated Cutters. Crafted for perfection, these cutters boast a non-slip soft rubber body that guarantees a comfortable grip every time. 

The Guillotine Cutter is equipped with ultra-sharp serrated double blades, while the V-Cut offers a unique twist on your cigar experience. Both cutters are designed to accommodate different ring gauges, with the Guillotine boasting an impressive 70 Ring Gauge capacity and the V-Cut comfortably handling up to 60 Ring Gauge. Additionally, our Guillotine Cutter features a chrome-plated cigar rest built right into the body, adding to the convenience and sophistication of your smoking ritual. Discover the epitome of craftsmanship and functionality with our exclusive rubber-coated cutters collection.