Ferio Tego Timeless Prestige Box
Ferio Tego Timeless Prestige Box

Ferio Tego Timeless Prestige Box

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The Timeless Collection stands out for its exceptional blends, masterfully fusing various origins, seed varieties, vintages, and leaf positions to create intricate complexity.

Careful craftsmanship ensures a deliberate progression of strength, flavor, and aroma, from the cigar's shape to the very last puff, resulting in a fragrant and deeply pleasurable smoking experience.

Blender's Notes: The Timeless Prestige by Ferio Tego offers a wonderfully intricate array of flavors within a medium to full-bodied smoking experience. Its intensity is refined, yet its impact resonates broadly across the palate. Notably, it strikes a unique balance of "flavor colors," with lighter notes of bread, wood, and nuts presented in a "darker" expression—reminiscent of roasted or toasted variations of these flavors. These lighter nuances are harmoniously complemented by savory undertones of Nicaragua, such as earth, spice, and espresso.

Flavors that come to mind include cedar, coffee beans, earth, freshly baked bread, roasted nuts, and toasted wood.




Dominican Republic


Nicaragua / Dominican Republic