GTO Doble Capas Torpedo Box

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The GTO Doble Capa Torpedo epitomizes the skill and intricate artistry required to create a dynamic smoking experience that continuously surprises and delights the palate. Measuring 6 x 50, this cigar boasts a distinctive Pyramid Box Pressed style. In terms of strength, it commences on the milder side of the spectrum, gently introducing your senses to its rich and smooth character. However, do not be deceived by its mild start. As the journey unfolds, the GTO Doble Capa Torpedo progressively unveils its fuller-flavored notes while maintaining its delightful mildness. Subtle pepper undertones seamlessly intertwine with hints of nut, culminating in an exceptionally creamy finish that lingers affectionately.

Both the filler and binder originate from the legendary soils of the Dominican Republic and are cultivated from Cuban seeds. What truly distinguishes the GTO Doble Capa Torpedo is its unique wrapper. Crafted in a barber pole style, this cigar enfolds its flavorful blend in both an aged Dominican maduro and a U.S. Connecticut Shade Broad Leaf. This dual-wrapper approach not only offers visual appeal but also imparts layers of complexity to the flavor profile.