Gurkha Cellar Reserve Hedonism 15yr 97.6 Box

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Gurkha's master blenders at K. Hansotia & Co. dedicated themselves to crafting a blend using the highest quality 15-year-old aged Dominican tobaccos. These meticulously selected tobaccos are bound together with a Dominican Olor binder and enveloped in a lustrous Nicaraguan Criollo 1998 wrapper. Just like fine wine, tobacco's aging process enhances its character, and the 15-year-aged tobacco employed in the Cellar Reserve Hedonism attests to the meticulous attention given to its creation. The cigar's captivating presentation, from its thoughtfully designed band to the distinctive spiral pigtail cap, is certain to draw your gaze. Gurkha's reputation for innovative packaging is second to none. The Cellar Reserve Hedonism is presented in a distinctive wooden box that evokes the image of a maturing wine barrel.