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Lotus Meteor Cutters

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Precision at 64 Ring Gauge: Unveiling the Ultimate Cutter

Experience cutting-edge efficiency with our expertly crafted cutter, perfectly tailored for 64 ring gauge cigars. Unleash the potential of every cigar with this masterpiece of precision and functionality.

Key Features:

Dual Guillotine Blades: Equipped with twin guillotine blades, this cutter ensures a flawless and even cut, enhancing your smoking experience to the fullest.

Single & Double Action: Seamlessly transition between single and double action, adapting to your preferences with every use.

Locking Mechanism: The spring-loaded locking mechanism guarantees security and stability during your cutting process, granting you complete control over your cut.

All-Metal Housing: Designed for durability and performance, the all-metal housing encapsulates the cutter's reliability, promising a long-lasting addition to your cigar accessories.

Elevate your cigar indulgence with a cutter that defines precision and functionality. With features designed to enhance your experience, this cutter is your perfect companion for cigars of 64 ring gauge.


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