Man O' War Ruination Box

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Introducing the Man O' War Ruination, a meticulously crafted cigar that delivers an abundance of rich, Cuban-inspired flavors expertly balanced with a velvety smooth character that exudes raw passion and intensity. This cigar boasts a profusion of flavors driven by its bold blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan and Honduran long-leaf ligeros, carefully chosen from the uppermost leaves of the tobacco plant to ensure maximum flavor and richness.

To conceal this deep, dense amalgamation of tobaccos, an oily Habano Ecuador ligero leaf was selected as the wrapper, one that is not only thick and juicy but also manages to outshine the flavorful core within. The initial impression is an explosion of spice, which gradually transitions into more mellow notes of oak, earth, toasted nuances, wood, and leather as the Ruination experience unfolds.


Ecuador Sungrown




Nicaragua / Honduran