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Meir & Dutch 5 Vegas Tradicion Humidors

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Preserve Your Collection: A Home for 100 of Your Favorites

Discover the epitome of cigar storage with our 100 cigar capacity humidor. Safeguard your cherished collection with elegance and functionality, ensuring your cigars remain in perfect condition for your enjoyment.

Key Features:

Optimal Storage: Designed to accommodate up to 100 cigars, this humidor ensures you have ample space to store your favorites, providing a dedicated home for every cherished smoke.

Craftsmanship of Spanish Cedar: The kiln-dried Spanish cedar lining, coupled with 1 lift-out tray and 3 dividers, guarantees the perfect environment for your cigars. Each element contributes to maintaining their quality and flavor.

Tabletop Protection: The scratch-resistant felt-lined bottom safeguards your table top, ensuring your cigar storage is not only functional but also respectful of your space.

Essential Monitoring and Humidification: Equipped with an analog hygrometer and a rectangle humidifier, this humidor offers the essentials for monitoring humidity levels and providing the ideal conditions for your cigars.

Elevate your cigar collection to new heights with our 100 cigar capacity humidor. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just beginning your journey, this humidor stands as a testament to quality and care, preserving the essence of every cigar within.


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