GTO 33 Oaks 2yr Oak Bourbon Barrel Aged Box

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The unique Salomonish shape pays homage to the classical Figurado, a testament to the deep-rooted tradition of cigar craftsmanship. But Dr. Oscar's vision didn't end there. After meticulously crafting this masterpiece, it was left to mature gracefully in oak barrels for two years, imparting a distinct character that is evident from the very first draw. The infusion of oak undertones, coupled with the use of 10-year aged tobacco leaves, results in a symphony of flavors that promises a full-strength experience while maintaining exceptional smoothness throughout. Deep at the heart of the GTO 33 Oaks Maduro lies a closely-guarded secret blend. With a Maduro Proprietary Wrapper and both the Binder and Filler of a proprietary nature, the air of mystery surrounding this cigar is palpable. This enigmatic blend ensures that every puff is a delightful surprise, keeping even the most seasoned cigar enthusiasts intrigued.

In terms of flavor, the 33 Oaks Maduro lives up to its name. The predominant essence is that of aged oak, providing a canvas for other flavors to dance upon. The palate quickly discerns subtle pepper notes, imparting warmth and spice. This is harmoniously complemented by the sweetness of dried fruits and the grounding presence of various wood nuances. Each draw takes you on a journey through this intricate mosaic of tastes, delivering a multi-dimensional experience that captures the essence and expertise of GTO.